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Wium Adendorff

Executive-, Leadership-, Team Coach & Consultant

APG, MBA, M.A. (cum laude), CPRP


I assist Executives, Leaders and Teams and Organisations who are hungry for a high quality, meaningful and prosperous life.


I help my clients to see their world differently, and thus their world changes from being stuck and limited, to unleashed and abundance.


What do you, your team or organisation need to be awaken to? What is it, only you can change the world for yourself and others?


Are you curious and wonder how your world might be when you are unleashing your best self and actualizing your highest potentials?


If you want inside-out wealth, happiness, peace and get clarity on the uncertainties of life - contact me.

With our first conversation we will know if our partnership is meant to be, and the kind of intervention which will serve you best.